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Curious to find out more about our hardfoam void and pipeline filling, or our floor lifting services?

Take a look at our featured projects and case studies to get an inside view of what we do.

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Case Studies On:

Pipeline Filling

Do you have redundant pipelines that needs filling?

We decommission sewerage, gas, water or (petro)chemical pipelines on a regular basis.

Click on the cases below for more information on this application.

Case Studies On:

Tank Filling

We can fill household tanks, fuel station tanks and distribution centre tanks.

As small as a couple hundred litres, to as big as several thousand litre vessels for bulk storage.

Case Studies On:

Floor Lifting

Have you got a sunken floor, or need re-levelling of concrete slabs?

With our specialised teams we can offer you a solution. Contact us directly and we’ll have a local specialist get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Equipment being positioned for foam filling

Think your project is too difficult?

If you think you’ve got a project too difficult to solve. Please contact us and we’ll see what we can do to make it work.

Our units, materials and equipment are all highly mobile; just like in the picture to the right(on a project filling old mine-shafts) everything was brought to the worksite over several miles of rough terrain using bobcats.

Mineshaft Project - UK

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