Muur gelift Sunk floor RG50 by Benefil

RG50 by Benefil.

Benefil Hardfoam RG50

What is our RG50 hardfoam?

Our hardfoam ‘RG50’ is the heaviest foam in our product line.

Strong and dense hardfoam for structural applications like floor lifting or voids close to road surfaces.

If a lower density hardfoam is preferred, have a look at our RG30.

When you think you need an even stronger product than RG50, feel free to contact us for our other solutions.

See the cases below for some types of jobs done with RG50

Can I use RG50 for:

Drone shot mineshaft and foaming equipment.

Pipeline or void filling?


If the void or pipe is under a heavy structure, or the void is causing great danger of collapsing. Then RG50 can be used to fill the void.

Usually a lighter density foam is advised due to costs and necessity. For more information on pressure strengths, download our TNO file on our downloads-page.


Void filling
Floor lifting setup RG50 by Benefil

Floor lifting?


RG50 by Benefil is our product of choice when it comes down to floor lifting.

RG50 has proven great strength and durability over the years.

Floor lifting
3 Resins Industry trucks filling a void with hardfoams

Soil injections?


But more often than not we’d advise on a higher density to get a high bonding strength with the surrounding soils. Like with our permeation grouting solutions.

Road injection

What have we done with RG50

These are some examples of what has been filled with RG50

If your situation isn't mentioned in our F.A.Q's or Cases, please contact us for a fitting solution.


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