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Low Densities.

Benefil Hardfoam <RG20

What is our low density hardfoam?

For jobs that don’t need a structural strength as strong as our RG22. Or voids that need a temporary fill.

The low densities don’t offer very much structural support, but do help prevent washing out and stop the buildup of dangerous gasses.

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Can I use low densities for:

Tank filling BP in spain

Tank filing


Especially tanks that just need decommissioning, but are still strong enough to not need structural support.

More tank filling information can be found via the button below. Or this case study about large oil tanks being filled. They were previously used for diesel/oil as part of the central heating system for this large building complex.


Tank filling
Foam coming up in the shaft - RG30 by Benefil

Void filling


We’d advise on a heavier density like our RG30 or higher.

For more information, check out this void filling case study. Where we filled a 30+m deep old vent shaft to a mine. This was on the east-coast of the UK.

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