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Check out this page for the most frequently asked questions of Resins Industry or about our hardfoams. We hope you'll find all the info you need here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find some of our most asked questions; if yours isn't here, please use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

  • Where is Resins Industry based?

    “Resins Industry is based in The Netherlands”

    But we do have partners across the globe that work with our resins, hardfoams and equipment.

    So feel free to contact us with your location and job enquiry and we can put you in contact with a local dealer.

  • How long has Resins Industry been filling with hardfoam?

    “We have been making resins and hardfoams for almost 40 years”

    For an overview of our company’s history, take a look at our group of companies, Aquaresins Technologies’ about page.

    There you can learn more about what we can do with our foams, besides filling voids and lifting floors.

  • What is the density of hardfoam?

    This completely depends on the type of hardfoam requested for the job. We can create hardfoam +/- any of the three most popular densities below:


    22 kg /m3 for dry foam.


    30 kg /m3 for dry foam.


    50 kg /m3 for dry foam.

    The “RG” stands for “Röhes Gewicht”. This is a German term for “dry weight” that we have been using for over 35 years to define the density and strength of our foams.

  • How do I know which density I need for my project?

    “Check out our products page for density information”

    You could also have a look at our Projects and Case Studies to see if your project is similar to any of our previous ones.

    Otherwise, fill in your details on our Contact Page, and we’ll make sure a local expert contacts you as soon as possible.

  • Can I apply the foam underwater?


    The setting of our hardfoam is not influenced by the presence of water.

    Because of this we can apply the foam in very water rich environments, such as washed out quay walls or voids around leaking sewers, etc.

    We can even fill pipelines that are already full with water.

  • How long does it take for the hardfoam to set?

    “Approximately one hour”

    For it to set and get sturdy enough to cut and move complete blocks from it. Because it starts to set as soon as it leaves the the foaming gun.

    Depending on the job, we can adjust the foam to set faster. This is something we do for floor lifting and soil injections.

  • How fast can the foam be applied?

    “As fast as required”

    Because we can link our equipment to one and other, we’re able to expand our filling rate tremendously. As a result the limits are practically endless.

    A single foaming gun will fill at a rate of approximately 18㎥ per hour depending on the applied density. Per unit we can power 3-4 foaming guns, raising the rate to more than 70㎥ per hour. If need be, we can add more units multiplying the rate even more.

    However, we only chose to do so if there is a necessity to do so. For example, when filling a tunnel of 500m3 that needs to be done in one go.

  • What is the maximum filling height?
    It is possible to fill way beyond the industry standard of 50cm for concrete based filling products; this is due to our hardfoam’s light weight and strength.
    The maximum filling height really depends on the chosen density of the hardfoam, but 3-4 meters is a good measure.
    Feel free to enquire for more information.
  • Do the hardfoams insulate?


    But only when in a dry environment!

    If insulation is needed, please contact us and we can put you in touch with one of our insulation experts.

    One of Resins Industry’s sister companies, Enveriline offer insulating hardfoams called Enverifoam XD & Lite. So we’ll most likely be able to provide you with a fitting solution.


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