Void injection soil injection Vinkeveen
Case Study

Void injection & Fill.

Once again a difficult to reach job site was conquered with ease.
Read more about what and how down below.

Crane holding up hose

The situation:

For a groundwork project the soil needed to be excavated, right next to the canal. Even with sheet piles in place and high power dewatering pumps. They could still not keep the water out to continue the job.

The jobsite is situated on a plot of land, inaccessible by land. But close enough away from road acces that we could use the trucks unit. In stead of setting up a stand alone unit. Thus to get the equipment over, we used the cranes and boats available from the contractor.

During the soil injection job the crane was used to lift up the hoses, to clear the waterway so naval traffic could continue passage. As shown on the left.

Void injection

Applying the foam:

To block the stream of water flowing in to the working area, we injected the foam around the sheet pile construction. In this case we put 2″ pipes in place by crane. Now it was ready to be injected with the foam.

Which foam for this void injection?

Here we used RG30 to provide a strong water-block.

To explain, you can see how the foaming hose is attached to the injection pipe on the picture to the right.

Void injection soil injection Vinkeveen
Void injection

Which products did we use?

As mentioned, this job required a RG30 to complete this job.
On the other hand, we might need a higher density depending on the application. In that case, we can also inject a RG50 or higher density foam.

Watch our impression video of the:

Void injection job site

Covering this job in one or two pictures, whilst showing the complexity of the job is quite difficult. Because of that, we used a drone to show you how we did it.

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