Tank filling at a petrolstation
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Tank filling.

Tank filling with Resins Industry.
Which tanks get filled?
Why decommission them?
And Why filling with hardfoam is the best solution. Find all info here.

Tank filling Italy

Small tanks

Our partners in Norway, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Spain, a.o. do a lot of tank filling with our hardfoams.
This can be household petroleum tanks of 200 liters or diesel tanks up to 5000 liters
Tank filling at a petrolstation

Big tanks

Bigger tanks are found at petrol stations varying between 5.000 and 30.000 liters.
Much larger tanks or storage facilities can also be filled, these can be found in shipping companies, harbours and fuel transporting facilities.

Why decommission them with hardfoam?

Why are tanks decommissioned?

Any tank that is no longer in use poses a danger to the environment or public safety.

  • Environmental;
    • Fuel leakages
    • Soil pollution
  • Fire / Explosion due to the buildup of;
    • Flammable liquids
    • Explosive gasses

Even after proper cleaning/decommissioning of the tank, there’s still the risk of gasses building up. For that reason any redundant tank should either be removed or filled.

Why removal isn’t always a better option. For tank removal a whole area has to be blocked off and it is disrupting to the soils, posing dangers for surrounding structures. Filling can be done without any digging works and business operations can continue.


Why hardfoam filling is the best solution?

For a safe decommissioning, our hardfoam has the following important properties:

  • Complete fill to prevent gasses building up
  • Absorption of hydrocarbons, preventing (further) soil pollution
  • Lightweight, for easy destruction free tank-removal
  • Strong foam, capable of holding up even after deterioration of the old tank
  • Environmentally friendly & inert product.

Any voids left in a tank which is not completely filled pose a threat of flammable gasses building up. To prevent this we fill the tank completely. Due to the hydrophilic nature of the foam it will absorb any hydrocarbon residue left in the tank, preventing pollution if the tank deteriorates over time.

When you want or need to remove the tank after a few years, with many other products you have to break the tank up for removal. Because the foam is so light, it is easily removed in one piece. The strength of the foam is great enough to hold up even if the tank can no longer hold up anything. (depending on the applied density, view our products for more info

Tank filling BP in spain
Tank filling Italy

Which products are useable?

Depending on your needs most products are useable, from light to heavy.

Light densities for quick or temporary tank filling jobs that need little structural support .

High densities for long term fills or in situations where structural strength is needed.

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