Work setup for foam injection under the road
Case Study

Road injection.

The road injection for this concrete-slab road was done because it had a void under the slabs due to washed out soils causing noise and vibration problems to nearby houses.

during the foam injection

The problem

People in nearby houses and offices had sent in complaints to the council that they were having troubles with the loud noises and vibrations coming from the heavy traffic on the road.

After some research it was found that one of the concrete slabs had suffered from a washout below the corner, causing the slab to tilt every time a heavy vehicle passed it. Every hit made it worse, by pushing out rain/ground water. Because the water takes soil with it, the void below gets bigger, and so do the problems. In this case, Benefil Nederand filled the void, as explained at the next image.


Road injection plugs in the road

The solution

We were contacted by the contractor to fix the problem.

First of all we drilled two holes in the road, close to the joint. After which we could pump in our hardfoams. Now the slab was stabilised.
After putting slight pressure on the surface we could ensure a complete fill. As a result the road is now a lot quieter and there’s far less vibrations because the road-surface from slab to slab is smooth again.

Road closure?

Above all, the most important for the council was that the road was able to stay open for traffic.
Except the lane that we filled. We had to keep that closed for the weekend and open on time for rush hour traffic on Monday again.

After filling and removal of the injection plugs, we fill the holes back up. Consequently our work is done with no defects to the road afterwards.

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