Case Study

Quay wall filling.

Quay wall filling is the solution to Washouts.
Washouts are more common in quays where big ships dock. But can happen anywhere where large volumes of water pass.

Washed out quay walls.

The reason for this is that the ships cause a lot of water turbulence and this can also transport soil out of the wall creating dangerous voids.

Most docks are built to be able to handle these voids, but as the void gets bigger, more and more soil gets removed at a time.

Then a solution must be found, and we’ve got just that: Quay wall filling, with Benefil Hardfoams.



Filling the quay-wall with hardfoam.

Benefil Hardfoam RG30 is our solution to these washouts.

It does not get diluted by the water when being applied. And it fills all voids through which the washouts are created in the first place.

By washing or blowing down the injection-pipes we got good acces to the voids, down to the level of the washout. Now the void could be filled completely to limit damage and prevent further washing out of the soil.

The RG30 filled all voids in the quay and it only took a day for the job to be done with no damage done to the surroundings. The bricks removed for the injection pipes could be replaced after filing.

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