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Pipeline filling.

Pipeline filling by Resins Industry is a fast and destruction-free way of decommissioning pipelines.

Pipe for foam injection Leiding vullen - RG30 by Benefil

Decomissioning pipelines

Many pipelines get replaced over time. After 30-60 years most pipelines are due for replacement. Wether it’s sewerage, water- or gaslines.  (Petro)chemical pipes can be due for replacement even sooner.

Digging out the pipes is a labor intensive, but also destructive method. Surroundings get disrupted and if theres trees and such growing over the pipes they might have to be taken down too.

By filling the pipes with hardfoam, you only need an access point for filling, and a vent for air and possible water to escape.

Leiding vullen

Filling with Hardfoam

Filling with hardfoam gives great flexibility to the contractor. A lot less digging, if any, is needed.

  • It gives structural support to prevent collapsing of the pipe.
  • Prevents gas-buildup that may cause explosive mixtures.
  • Stops washouts created by groundwater flowing in to the pipe, creating the risk of sinkholes.
  • Because the pipeline will be blocked off, rodents are deterred.

If pipes are removed, the remaining void can also be filled with Hardfoam.

Which hardfoams do we use for pipeline filling?

For most Pipeline filling jobs, our RG22 will suit perfectly well. Other times when more strength is needed, a RG30 can be offered.

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