Case Study

Pipefilling by Night.

During the night, pipefilling also needs to happen.

The job

3 kilometres of water transport line had to be filled because of it’s location between a road and kanal. Digging it up for removal would pose too much dangers to the safety and stability of the road. Also doing such in a feasible timeframe was very unlikely.

The road the job was on is the main road between Amsterdam and Den Helder in The Netherlands. Meaning that doing this job at night was a must. Doing so in the short timeframe with minimal disruption that is possible by Resins Industry B.V. made the choice for hardfoam easy.

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Night time foam filling

Filling the pipe with hardfoam is a fast and effective way to safely decommission the pipe. By closing the road for only a few hours during the night we were able to get 3 trucks on site to finish the job in the least amount of time possible.

The shorter stretches of pipe were done by single trucks, all standalone units could finish their sections of pipes. For the longer stretches we chose the approach to fill with 2 trucks at one filling point, to be able to cover greater distances of pipe in one go.


Pipeline filling Foaming equipment

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