Floor lifting in a tower
Case Study

Floor lifting.

Floor lifting with our hardfoams is a quick and effective solution. And the day to day work can continue practically undisturbed.

Floor lifting setup RG50 by Benefil

Sunk floors

Sunk floors come in various forms. Most are down to washed out soils below the floor on which the concrete rests.

Sometimes just an annoyance, other times a major problem, think of an indoor gym or industrial floors with automated forklifts that stop working because of weakened contacts.

Floor lifting with our lightweight but very strong hardfoams is a great way to solve the problem and without the addition of lots of weight often making the problem worse in the long run.

Floor lifting school gym Sunk floor

Lifting with hardfoam?

Using our foam filling machinery together with laser levelling equipment, we are able to fill all voids causing issues and lift the floor to the requested level.

In the slideshow below you can see the process of a sunk floor being raised back up to it’s original level.

Just a void?

Even if there’s no sunken floor, a void below can be causing a risk. That is to say that the floor might suddenly collaps on heavy loads. However, we can use this method to fill the empty space below. Similar to this project where a basement got filled for structural support.

Lifting progress

As mentioned, the slideshow gives a perspective to how a sunk floor can be raised back to it’s original level, by using hardfoam.

The first image shows that the concrete floor has sunk approximately 65mm. However this is not a problem for our hardfoams! During the lifting process the other pictures were taken, and you can see the floor rising and rising until it’s completely level with the foundation. As it should be.

The circular piece of concrete is the drill core that we drill out to insert our filling plugs. After that these drill cores get put back in place to close and conceal the holes.

Floor lifting 1
Floor lifting 2
Floor lifting 3
Floor lifting 4
Floor lifting 5
Floor lifting 6
Hardfoam lifting 7
Hardfoam lifting 8
Hardfoam lifting 9
Hardfoam lifting 10

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