Both a product and a company.


As a Company

Benefil Nederland BV:

The company with which we do our speciality jobs such as floor lifting and void filling.

Lifting sunken floors is a highly specialised job. We have highly trained personnel operating the foaming installation and laser levelling equipment to ensure it is done safely and accurately.

Void filling is a highly specialised task also, one can not simply ‘fill a void’ but they have to be aware of complications to the void’s surroundings before, during and after filling. Our team has many years of experience and also trains our dealer network worldwide.

Benefil’s History:

Benefil as a brand, was set up in 2004 as a collaboration between Aquaresins Technologies and Uretek Worldwide;

Uretek, specialists in lifting foundations and structures using PolyUrethanes; and Aquaresins, the manufacturer of aminoplast hardfoams, used for floor lifting and filling large voids.

In 2009, after years of close partnership, the owners of Aquaresins(based in The Netherlands) acquired Benefil Nederland from Uretek Nederland. We still work closely with dealers in the Uretek network across the rest of the world.

More information about the Aquaresins Group History

As a Product

Specialised Industrial Applications:

Benefil, is also the brandname we use for our specialised industrial hardfoam for applications such as floor lifting and void filling.

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Benefil 2200 / RG22

For general pipeline filling and some void filling applications.

Benefil 3000 / RG30

Ideal for filling large pipelines and voids; generally situations where a higher density and more structural strength is required.

Benefil 5000 / RG50

Our ‘floor lifting’ hardfoam. Perfect for filling voids under slabs and floors that see heavy use. It is our go-to product for sunken floor applications.

What kind of specialised jobs does Benefil do?

Projects & Case Studies

Floor Lifting

Sunken concrete floors can be lifted to their original/a required level by filling the void below with Benefil 5000/RG50. For an example of a floor lifting project, check out the case study below; there you’ll get a good idea of this highly specialised task and how we do it.

Void Filling

Depending on the situation and size of the void, we will decide with the customer which density of hardfoam is best and what the minimum requirement would be for safe and secure filling. The case study below shows a recent job we completed in this manner.


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