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Werkzaam in industriƫle toepassingen, vullen van holle ruimten, vullen van mijnschachten en- gangen, liften van vloeren en stabiliseren van grondpakketten.

Resins Industry BV is active in the construction sector.

By applying a special foaming technique, the end product (Benefil Hard Foam) is produced on site to, for example, shut down pipes to fill, stabilize and lift sagged floors, to fill cavities.
Filling fuel tanks, water and gas pipes out of service is also part of our daily activities.
The low weight of the material and its durability, added to the environmental aspects, make the Benefil rigid foam ideal for applications such as this.

Another successful application concerns the consolidation of soil packages behind / under quays, bridge heads, embankments, dikes and other works of art from the civil engineering sector.
Our extensive experience with these techniques that have convincingly proven themselves over the years, guarantees a favourable price-quality ratio and a careful execution, even of complicated works.
Because the ultimately required volume of product is created at a work location, it is possible to work very efficiently and it is not necessary to purchase too much ordered product.

Making the product on location also means that we can usually apply 80 to 100 m3 of hard foam each single transport phase!
Benefil rigid foam is supplied in various qualities (read: densities) and is therefore optimally tailored to the specific application.

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